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Thick Gauge Thermoforming

Whether for new products or updating of existing products, Thick Gauge Thermoforming is a cost-effective way to achieve the function, style, and durability required for many applications.

We have experience producing parts for a wide range of industries such as Communications, Search and Rescue, Construction, Automotive, and equipment covers.


Plastic thermoformed parts can be both lighter weight and offer greater impact resistance than comparable parts in metal. The Thick Gauge Thermoforming process allows for the material to be formed into more complex and smoother shapes than traditional metal forming techniques can produce.


Plastic thermoformed parts also offer a nice appearance without additional surface finishing, though color matched painting is an option. The benefit of plastic coloring is that it goes all the way through the material, so if the part is scratched it won’t show a different color below the surface. Special properties can be incorporated into the materials such as UV protection, flame retardance, electrical conductivity, solvent resistance, food grade, etc.


Benefits of using vacuum formed Thick Gauge Thermoforming plastic for your application might include the ability to withstand corrosive environments, electrical insulation, flexibility in design, along with the low cost tooling and shorter lead times for changes especially during the prototype phase.


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