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Vacuum Formed Plastic Shipping Trays

Vacuum Formed Plastic Shipping Trays contain individual pockets of various configurations.

These Plastic Shipping Trays typically incorporate stacking features which allow the components to be protected from the weight of the loaded trays placed on top. The tray design frequently incorporates reliefs that allow for easy removal of the components from the tray pocket by finger or tools. Many Vacuum Formed Plastic Shipping Trays are designed to utilize a rotational index feature to assure correct stacking.


We offer a range of off-the-shelf Plastic Shipping Trays in a variety of pocket sizes and shapes. If there is not a size that matches your requirements then we can custom design a variety of Vacuum Formed Plastic Shipping Trays for your application(s).

Environmentally Friendly

The materials used for Plastic Shipping Trays is typically thin gauge for minimum shipping weight and expense. Clear materials are the most common as they allow for easy inspection and part counts without removing the loaded parts. We can offer specialty materials also such as static dissipative, or PVC alternative materials approved for shipping to Europe. We also offer recycled materials that help contribute to a more green environment.

Mobile Carrier

In many applications the Vacuum Formed Plastic Shipping Trays can function as a mobile carrier through the production cycle and then also function as the final shipping container which is then placed in a standard cardboard box. Custom Plastic Shipping Trays can also incorporate part number and company logos or identification markings.


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