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Thermoformed Medical & Electronics Packaging

Through innovative design of the package the perceived value and presentation of the contents can be considerably enhanced.

Most Thermoformed Medical & Electronics Packaging is used for a “one-way” trip. The packages can be recycled for the material content but cleaning for reuse generally proves to be too expensive. Thin gauge material is used for minimum cost and shipping weight. Clear material is frequently used so the contents can be verified or examined without contamination. Proper Thermoformed Medical & Electronics Packaging design can provide significant shock and vibration protection to the contents during transport and handling.


Stacking features are frequently added to clamshell type of Thermoformed Medical & Electronics Packaging products to help organize product inventory. Also, by design the thin gauge open clamshells can nest into one another so that package storage space is minimized prior to shipment. Snap fit closure features can be added to the tray, lid, or clamshell to insure closure integrity.


Electronic packaging trays commonly use static dissipative (ESD) plastic to avoid any high voltage discharge through the semiconductor components as well as minimize electrostatic attraction of dust and dirt particles to the tray or product surface. Several levels of ESD material are available to suit your price/performance needs.

Medical Trays

Medical trays are more commonly designed to use a porous paper lid laminated to the plastic tray so that the contents can be sterilized by gas infusion after lid attachment. Frequently medical trays will incorporate “snap retainer” features to hold the contents in place within the tray. This is particularly important when stripping the lid to avoid dislodging the contents by mistake.


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