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Plastic Material Handling Trays

Plastic Material Handling Trays are similar to shipping trays except that the type of material and thickness are selected for durability and ease of cleaning for reuse in a process environment.

Made from plastics such as Polypropylene, HDPE, and ABS and are easy to clean, have good solvent resistance, and offer very good impact resistance.

As the material is normally thicker for improved durability and stiffness, handling trays typically cost more than a comparable disposable tray.

If the parts for the tray are not delicate, or do not require special support, a standard geometry from our existing inventory can be selected.

Handling trays ordered from stock are less expensive and offer a shorter lead time than Custom Material Handling Trays since custom tooling is not required.



Frequently components or assemblies require special support or clearance during the production Custom Material Handling Trays. We can design a Custom Material Handling Trays geometry to suit your production process and handling requirements. Industrial Forming uses 3D CAD software in developing our tray designs so that the fit can be carefully checked prior to cutting the mold. Our molds are cut with precision CNC machines to ensure the final tray matches the design that was approved.


In many cases the forming mold can accommodate a variety of thermoplastic materials so that Plastic Material Handling Trays can be optimized for durability, stiffness, and cost during the prototype stage. Frequently a material change may be desirable after the first article is tested in production. Vacuum thermoforming only requires a one sided mold which makes both feature and material changes less costly than injection or compression molding.


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