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Thermoformed Bezels & Enclosures

Vacuum forming is especially well suited for forming equipment covers and electronic bezels.


Plastic thermoformed parts can be both lighter weight and offer greater impact resistance than comparable parts in metal. The Thick Gauge Thermoforming process allows for the material to be formed into more complex and smoother shapes than traditional metal forming techniques can produce.

White UV inhibited ABS for outdoor communication covers

High temperature and high strength materials for military or medical requirements

Electrically conducting plastics for high voltage equipment doors

Flame rated UL approved materials for a consumer electronics applications

Pre-decorated finishes with over 50 patterns and colors available

We can provide silk screened or hot foil-stamped graphics on formed parts

For short run production quantities custom mixed polyurethane paint can provide an exact color match to your existing equipment. For higher volumes a custom pigmented resin blend can provide a color match without requiring a separate paint step. Selection of a textured surface will minimize the problem of surface blemishes with use.

Typically the formed covers are trimmed using a 5-axis CNC router so that mounting holes and cutouts are very reproducible from part to part. Complex covers are possible using a solvent weld or ultrasonic attachment of separate formed parts in conjunction with post forming CNC machining.


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