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Through CAD/CAMcomputer aided design, computer aided machining, virtual 3D surfaces can be created, evaluated for fit with solid models of existing parts, modified and finally machined into mold surfaces using CNC – computer numerically controlled – milling machines.

Solid model files can be used to create an “E-drawing” format that are easily viewed in 3D perspective using a desktop computer. The model can be rotated and zoomed for critical inspection of a design before machining a mold surface. The viewing software is built into the solid file so that anyone with a PC can receive the file by Email and instantly view the design. You as a customer can feel satisfied that the new design is doing what you want.


Use of CAD/CAM enables the creation of complex sculpted surfaces which are translated into hard mold surfaces by CNC machining to be used in thermoforming the final object. Thus unique and attractive designs are economically possible to differentiate your new product.


Use of CAD/CAM software along with 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machines for final trimming of formed parts produces a quality surface finish with accurate and repeatable trim features from part-to-part that is difficult to achieve otherwise. CAD/CAM is also used to create the trim fixtures so that identically formed and trimmed parts are produced, minimizing quality control issues.