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Vacuum forming is especially well suited for forming equipment covers and electronic bezels. 

Thermoformed Bezels & Enclosures

Thermoformed Bezels & Enclosures provides low cost tooling can provide up to 100 parts from a CAD solid model or even replicate an existing cover that no longer is available.  Thus sculpted shapes are possible using the CAD files to create a very striking cover design. Crisp surface features and sharp corners are possible.  A wide selection of materials exists. For instance:

  • White UV inhibited ABS for outdoor communication covers
  • High temperature and high strength materials for military or medical requirements
  • Electrically conducting plastics for high voltage equipment doors
  • Flame rated UL approved materials for a consumer electronics applications
  • Pre-decorated finishes with over 50 patterns and colors available
  • We can provide silk screened or hot foil-stamped graphics on formed parts

For short run production quantities custom mixed polyurethane paint can provide an exact color match to your existing equipment. For higher volumes a custom pigmented resin blend can provide a color match without requiring a separate paint step. Selection of a textured surface will minimize the problem of surface blemishes with use.

Typically the formed covers are trimmed using a CNC milling machine so that mounting holes and cutouts are very reproducible from part to part. Complex covers are possible using a solvent weld or ultrasonic attachment of separate formed parts in conjunction with post forming CNC machining.